Business gives thumbs up to “Supe”

Business section review of movieYou don’t normally see movie reviews in the business section, but of course “Waiting for Superman” isn’t a normal movie.

It’s actually more like an expensive, extended advertisement for charter schools, a cause dear to the icy little hearts of the corporate powers-that-be because charters are a way to glom onto the multi-billions of dollars in U. S. education budgets through school privatization,  break the teachers’ unions to make way for cheaper school labor, and further advantage already-advantaged folks such as their middle class workers.

So, it seems entirely appropriate that this paean to “Supe” appeared in the Tribune business section before it was reviewed by any actual movie critics. 

Now, did I say “icy hearts”? Wow, I shouldn’t say that. Apparently this movie is making strong capitalists weep. For example, Bruce Rauner, chairman of the private-equity firm GTCR, said “I’ve seen it twice, and I’ve cried both times.” 

And, of course, the emotional impact is not just designed to meet the emotional/capital needs of our friends in big business. No, in the audience for this very special showing in Chicago included such opinion makers as Illinois State board chair Jesse Ruiz, Matteson school superintendent (and former Paul Vallas education spokesmodel) Blondean Davis, and the Rev. Senator James Meeks.

The Tribune reports: “Afterwards, Sen. Meeks and I talked, and he said he was going to do everything he could do on the voucher side, and I told him I was going to do everything I could do on the charter side,” said Davis, who described the room as “emotional.” 

Message delivered. Message received. Advertising campaign hits the bullseye.

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