“The Most Dangerous Man in America”

Bill GatesFriend and NYC parent Leonie Haimson just posted this
blistering commentary
on Bill Gates on Huffington Post.

Gates is in Seattle today speaking before the American Federation of
Teachers, where the CORE/new CTU folks are already waking things up.
I’ve read that CORE’s Carol Caref questioned from the floor why Gates
was invited.

Leonie offers a thorough analysis of the damage and
dishonesty of the Gates Foundation’s incursion into public school policy
making. She writes,

In the past eight years,
the foundation has spent nearly $4 billion promoting his personal
education agenda; at first providing subsidies to districts that would
agree to close down large neighborhood high schools and start small
schools in their place; and now encouraging the rapid and widespread
proliferation of charter schools. Gates also is aggressively promoting
efforts to create programs that link teacher evaluation and compensation
to standardized test scores…. the Gates initiative has turned
districts upside-down, at first establishing as many small schools as
possible, creating thousands of new administrator jobs, eating up
classroom space, and compelling the neediest kids who were excluded from
the new small schools to travel long distances to attend even more
overcrowded large schools in worse conditions than before, relegating
those schools to failure.

It’s well worth reading.

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