Tell Congress about ArneSpeak

Arne Duncan speaksWe Chicagoans have a moral obligation to communicate to our Senators and Congressmen that Arne Duncan is not telling them the truth.

Despite the recent flap over the Obey amendment, most of them probably still think he’s a nice guy. In fact, one of Arne’s greatest assets is his ability to lie with a pleasant, non-threatening smile on his face. And that’s a problem because, if Congress believes his lies, they will pass his ideas into law. That will extend and expand the damage already done to our
children and our schools under No Child Left Behind (and here in
Chicago, under the Duncan/Daley school administration) for at least the next five to ten years.

From a New York Times interview:

“Mr. Duncan says he encounters no public opposition. ‘Zero,’ he said. ‘…There’s just an outpouring of support for the common-sense changes and the unprecedented investments we’re making.’ “

Folks, this is what he’s telling lawmakers.

He’s also telling them the same lies we’ve talked about here on PURE Thoughts – his lies about Dodge,
Sherman, charter school success, about how he wants to get away from “bubble tests” and have more parent involvement. He knows that’s what legislators want to hear.

But we know it’s just ArneSpeak.

In a recent interview, former Bush education appointee and current Arne Duncan critic Diane Ravitch talked about meeting with Arne’s staff and sharing her concerns about his ESEA plans. The staffers denied that Duncan’s plan pushes charter schools or performance pay. They told Ravitch that her concerns were misinformed. She was dumbfounded. But that’s ArneSpeak.

If we’ve learned nothing else from the recent conviction of police torturer Jon Burge, which took place 37 years
after his first reported guilty act, it’s that we MUST not tolerate public officials who lie or actively cover up the truth.

Speak out, folks! It’s time to tell the truth about Arne Duncan, what he’s done here in Chicago, and what
he’s trying to do to our children’s education.

Start your letter, e-mail or telephone call with this simple fact: Arne Duncan does not tell the truth. Then
tell them how you know.

I’ll be posting my letter soon.

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