Voucher bill moving fast – last chance to stop it

SB 2494 has passed out of the Executive Committee and is headed to the House floor where, according to resident expert Jim Broadway, it may be voted on tomorrow.

The speed is likely an indication that Madigan intends to let this bill pass. Is this a bone they are throwing at bill sponsor Sen. Meeks to deflect him from the real issue, the failure of the General Assembly to address true school funding reform?  

Last chance to call your House representative and get him/her on the record about this bill. You may have to call the Springfield numbers. Here’s why they should vote no. 

It was nice to read Mike Klonsky’s letter opposing vouchers in the Sun-Times this morning. Mike was pointing out that S-T editorial writer Steve Huntley misconstrued the facts about vouchers, claiming that they worked when in fact they have not improved student outcomes. I’d thought about correcting Huntley myself, but sometimes I just get tired of being the only one carping on these issues. Thanks for the carp assist, Mike.

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