More on the Blueprint

Here’s more analysis of the President’s plan to revise NCLB, called “the Blueprint for Reform.” 

What’s potentially positive in the

  • Recognizes that student
    achievement is affected by poverty, lack of health care, and lack of
    enrichment activities outside the school day and during the summer
    by praising (though not greatly increasing funding for) the
    “Community Schools” concept.

  • Grants flexibility for schools
    serving American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native children
    to ensure that programs reflect the cultures and languages of these
    children, and invites parents to help develop school programming in
    these communities (but does not offer similar support for
    African-American or Latino students or their parents).

  • Limits interference in all but the
    bottom 5% of schools.

These points summarize some of the excellent analysis of the Blueprint from the United Church of Christ web site, and follow the three major changes in NCLB posted on PURE Thoughts yesterday.

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