Sun-Times likes LSC training proposal

It’s gratifying to read the Sun-Times editorial supporting LSCs (and opposing Senator Meeks’ bill). It’s just icing on the cake that they also recommend independent LSC training, which I brought up in a conversation with Kate Grossman as she was preparing the editorial. Here’s what she ended up writing:

“If the General Assembly wants to tinker with LSCs, we recommend
considering an alternative. For years, parents have complained about
poor training and support from CPS for LSC members. Advocates are working on a bill that aims to improve training, and that’s worth a serious review. If Chicago is going to have LSCs — which it should — these elected bodies need support to do the job right.”

She’s referring to the LSC bill based on a PURE proposal which was updated after the LSC hearings held in 2008. Our legislation gets CPS out of the LSC training business — at which they have failed miserably — and requires them to send out RFPs for LSC training and support by independent groups.

We’ll be sharing this proposal with Senator Meeks in the coming days. 


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