A National Photo & Essay Contest About Public School Building Conditions

One of PURE’s stalwart funders, the 21st Century Fund, has a great project going that should be perfect for lots of CPS schools.

21st Century School Fund, Healthy Schools Campaign and Critical
Exposure has launched
Your Lens: School Facilities Across America
national photo and essay contest at www.ThroughYourLens.org
on August 18th.  The contest, which ends September 14th, is tied
to the policy debate about federal funding for public school repair,
renovation and construction.

Winning photos and
stories featuring the good, bad and ugly conditions in public school
buildings from students
will be displayed in Washington D.C., possibly at the Russell Rotunda
of the U.S. Capitol building the first week of October. But photos
and essays from others are also welcome and will be posted at
The photo exhibit will open as Congress is considering legislation to
fund the repair, renovation and construction of safe, healthy, and
green school buildings.


Please help spread the
word, thank you!

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