GEM protests at Walgreen’s and McDonald’s

Wish I could have been there when some one hundred people picketed the Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s and the Walgreen’s across the street yesterday:

Footage on ABC, story in the Sunday Sun-Times.

Thanks and congratulations to the GEM folk who pulled off a great event!

It brings back memories of PURE’s 1993 picketing of the Walgreen’s at State and Washington in response to Walgreen’s support for a lobbying campaign which helped defeat (in a squeaker) a statewide referendum calling for the state to provide at least 50% of school funding. 

CPS schools didn’t open on time that fall because a state law required the district budget to be balanced before the doors opened. We protested at Walgreen’s until, we were told, Mr. Walgreen called Gov. Edgar and told him to do whatever it took to get the schools open and get us off their backs. A day or two later, the schools opened.

We have to keep the pressure on Mayor Daley and the Board of Education, but the businesses that fund Renaissance 2010 that are its soft underbelly. They give big bucks to the Mayor’s program because they think it will enhance their corporate image, in which they invest millions. It doesn’t take a whole lot to tarnish that image. 

Especially businesses like McDonald’s and Walgreen’s, which promote themselves as family friendly, need to hear from families who have been hurt by Renaissance 2010. 

And the fun has just begun. More protests are on the way- stay tuned!






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