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At our November 17th annual meeting, PURE presented details of a new way to empower parents in Chicago.

The Chicago Parents Union (CPU) has been designed by parents over the past two years with PURE’s help.

The CPU will operate much like a labor union or the AARP, that is, as a service and support membership organization for Chicago public school parents.

A major component of this plan is to have trained CPU “union stewards” in each Chicago public school to act as the first line of support for parents. The union steward will provide on-site support. If needed, CPU staff and partner agencies will help resolve issues. CPU staff will train the union stewards and the CPU leadership will authorize and monitor their activities.

Read the CPU’s Mission Statement.

Sign up to be a founding member of the CPU.

On the same form, you can apply to be a CPU union steward. Just check the box “I’d like to be a CPU Union Steward at my school” when you fill out and submit the membership form. In the coming weeks, we will be contacting applicants with information about training for potential CPU union stewards. 

Here’s our press release about the CPU.

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