Big news day for PURE: major media coverage of federal complaint against CPS

Linda Hudson files OCR complaintToday PURE filed a discrimination complaint against CPS with the U. S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, citing the disproportionate impact of the CPS elementary promotion policy on African-American and Latino students.

Research in Chicago has shown that the policy does not work, has a negative impact on student achievement, and increases the drop out rate. The policy costs at least $100 million per year, money that we believe should be redirected toward programs with a track record of success, such as lower class size and increased parent involvement.

Parent Linda Hudson (pictured left) filed an individual complaint on behalf of her son, who was retained and forced to repeat sixth grade.

Norine Gutekanst, organizing coordinator for the Chicago Teachers’ Union, was present at our press conference and made a statement of the CTU’s support of our complaint.

Our attorney, Elaine K. B. Siegel, explained the OCR process to the press. We expect OCR to decide fairly quickly if they will investigate our complaint. The complaint resolution process itself could take several months.

Front page news

Our story has hit the Breaking News pages of most of Chicago’s major media. There’s a two-for-one special at Huffington Post, where the headline for the OCR story from the Sun-Times sat on top of one of my regular blog posts which was also highlighted on the front page.

Watch for us on WGN-9, WLS-7, WMAQ-5, and several other TV stations, and listen for us on WBBM-AM and WBEZ radio.

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