PSAT for 4-5-11: Take the “We Are One” pledge!

“Solidarity actions with embattled workers in the states are happening all this week for “April 4 Days of Action,” with more than 1,200 events—teach-ins, vigils, faith services and town halls.

“These actions honor the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tenn., where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life. The workers were trying to form a union with AFSCME.

“Union members, people of faith, and civil and human rights activists, students and other progressive allies are joining with working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and dozens of other states where well-funded, right-wing corporate politicians are trying to take away the rights Dr. King gave his life for: the freedom to bargain, to vote, to afford a college education and justice for all workers, immigrant and native-born.

“State laws must support good jobs with fair pay—not attack working people and their unions as political payback.”

Learn more about the April 4 Days of Action and find information about local actions in your area here on the AFL-CIO web site.


Here in Chicago, the Chicago Teachers’ Union is spearheading a march and rally this Saturday, April 9, which will begin at 11:30 am at the Hyatt Hotel, 151 E. Wacker (Michigan Avenue at the river) and proceed to Daley Plaza for a rally at 1 pm.

They’re asking us to sign up for the rally and take the pledge:

We won’t let corporate greed:
• Push more working families into poverty
Let profits drive education decisions

Divide and conquer us

Let’s march together and demand:
Raise the minimum wage
Put TIF money back into schools
Tax the rich, not working families

The CTU’s web site adds: “We’re starting at the Hyatt to show solidarity with the UNITE-HERE Local 1 workers who toil under terrible conditions imposed by the same Pritzker family that attacks public school educators.”

“There are many things you can do to make the week of April 4-9 a big success:

Help spread the word: click here.

And read more about the Pritzkers here, here, here, and here.

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