Rochester-based “Guide to JC Brizard”

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Rahm Emanuel refused to allow the Chicago media to ask any questions of his appointee for CPS CEO, JC Brizard, at today’s press conference, and says that they will not have a opportunity to ask him any questions until after he is approved by the Board of Education, which could be as late as the end of May.

So, to fill the information vacuum, I forwarded this “Guide to JC Brizard” to Chicago media which as compiled for us by Rochester reporter Rachel Barnhart. She writes:

“I’ve been contacted by more than a few Chicago-area reporters and community members who want to know about their incoming schools chief. I’ve prepared this list of what I consider to be revealing and important stories during his tenure. I’ll let you decipher the running theme. My advice is to fact-check absolutely everything, ask tons of questions and file lots and lots of FOILs.”


RCSD Board to Question Brizard’s Raise

Brizard Hires $100,000-a-Year, Part-Time Special Assistant

RCSD’s Central Kitchen Cited by Health Inspectors

RCSD Spent Thousands on Restaurants, Catering

Principals Told to Cut Art, Music, Phys Ed


Brizard Created Cabinet Positions Without Board Approval

RCSD Cabinet Spending at Record Levels

Brizard Said He Didn’t Give Raises to Top Staff, but He Did

State Test Scores Plummet, Erasing Gains

Brizard Spinning Graduation Data

Former Superintendent Blasts Brizard’s Interpretation of Grad Rate Data

EEOC Finds Brizard Discriminated Against Official


Staff Survey Finds Little Support for Brizard

Fact-Checking Brizard on Cabinet Spending

State: Only 5% of RCSD Grads Ready for College

RCSD Budget Deeply Cuts Arts, Music, Foreign Language

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