Three jobs for PSAT: It’s getting real, folks!

For Public Schools Action Tuesday today, there are three important things to do as education issues heat up across the US and locally:

1) It’s the second week of the Congressional spring break, and a good time to get a message to your Senator and Congressman about ESEA. Parents Across America has made it easy for you – we have prepared this detailed position paper on ESEA reauthorization which you can attach to a letter (better hurry!), a fax (to their home office), or an e-mail (easiest but least effective unless you follow it up with a phone call). Follow this link to find all that contact info. Here are some talking points for that phone call.

2) Sign PAA’s petition supporting our ESEA position paper here.

3) Call your Illinois State Senator (they are home this week, too) asking him/her to vote NO on SB1932, this year’s voucher bill. If you get a chance, you might also touch base with members of the House Education Committee, where the senate bill will land if it is voted out of the Senate next week.

Here’s the message I’m sending:

Help stop vouchers from becoming law in Illinois! Please vote NO on SB 1932.

What's wrong with vouchers?

First of all, they don't work. The most recent study of the longest-running voucher program, in Milwaukee, found that voucher students do no better than regular public school students.

Secondly, vouchers take scarce funds away from public schools and sends them to private and/or religious schools that are not accountable to the public. Some of these schools refuse to enroll or later push out more challenging students.

Finally, vouchers distract us from the real work of improving schools for all of our children, and waste money when we are in the worst budget crisis in recent memory.

Please commit to voting NO on SB 1932.


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