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I have a feeling that Penny Pritzker quotes are going to become a regular feature of PURE Thoughts, now that she’s about to join the Board of Education as part of Mayor-elect Emanuel’s “whole new leadership suite.”

Here’s one from a discussion about lengthening the school day at yesterday’s Chicago-based NBC “Education Nation” program, as reported in the Sun-Times:

Pritzker said she was impressed with a pilot program started under former Schools CEO Ron Huberman that added 90 minutes in 15 schools using online work in math and reading and help from mostly non-teaching staff. Young children were engrossed by the computerized program, sitting “absolutely silently, doing English and math,’’ Pritzker said. Two fourth-grade boys who competed against each other all year to finish the fourth-grade online math program were ready to advance to fifth by December, she said.

I’m sure that’s exactly what Penny’s education was like, and what she wanted for her own children.

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