PSAT for 8-16-11: Two for the price of one

I’ve been on the road and missed posting a Public Schools Action Tuesday suggestion last week, so here are two for the price of one from materials prepared for our SOS march workshops:

Action steps for a better ESEA here.

Action steps to fight high-stakes testing here.

And just to give you a hint about at least one place I’ve been, here’s a fine essay about the need to treat teachers with more respect.

A snippet:

Teachers have been systematically maligned for years by those whose real goal seems to be replacing public education with some privatized, for-profit model, where concepts like “professional teachers” and “collective bargaining” are obsolete….(T)heĀ  promise and potential of public education has taken a beating. Discussions that began decades ago in an effort to spur needed improvements were hijacked. They degenerated into destructive criticism. Spasms of quick-fix “solutions” were more successful at undermining public confidence than strengthening an irreplaceable system.

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