PSAT for 8-30-11: Fight flunking!


We’re still waiting to learn the results of the federal investigation into our December 2010 Office for Civil Rights discrimination complaint against Chicago’s policy of flunking students based on their state test scores, and now another round of flunking is going on.

It’s likely that OCR is giving the new Brizard administration time to respond to the complaint, but meanwhile there are now thousands more children facing the first day of school with a sense of dread and failure thanks to this horrible CPS policy.

Parents are telling us that the appeal process is nothing more than a school official repeating the test score back to you. They’re right.

We know that flunking students usually doesn’t help them, and often harms them. We know that the policy has been costing upwards of $100 million per year, money that would be better spent lowering class size or using other reform strategies that actually work.

For Public Schools Action Tuesday today, please reach out to any parent of a retained student or simply share this information with your networks. Tell parents of affected children that they can contact PURE for assistance, or simply file a complaint with OCR themselves at this link. They can reference PURE’s complaint numberĀ #05111064 to incorporate the information and concerns we provided into their own complaint.

Let’s continue to fight this costly failure of a policy – TIME TO FLUNK FLUNKING!

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