90 school day minutes wasted on testing – I rest my case

Take a look at this photo, from the Tribune’s story this morning about school days in state school districts being nearly as short as Chicago’s.

The time distribution for this school day in Rondout School in suburban Lake Forest provides 90 minutes — the longest period of any during the day — for “ITBS testing,”  10:15 to 11:45 am.

You can’t tell from the schedule if this is actual testing (perhaps pre-testing for the year, since this is a September schedule) or test prep, but in either case, “testing” is clearly the predominant subject in this and too many other schools.

I warned parents last week about CPS CEO Brizard’s intent to require that the proposed extra 90 school day minutes be spent on more math and reading (i.e. test prep) for schools on probation. I agree with Karen Lewis who said, “if we’re doing the same thing and only doing it longer, all we’re doing is torturing children.”

Meanwhile, apparently the “Longer School Day Committee” has yet to meet, which makes this rush to institute the extra minutes TODAY (insert Mayor Rahm’s 4.5-finger-fist-on-podium bang here) seem even more irresponsible.

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