“The government we deserve”

As he gave former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich 14 years for government corruption, Judge Zagel commented that he thought Blago was a good father.

“It’s not exceptional,” Zagel said. “I see case after case where good fathers are also bad citizens and end up in jail”….The bigger question, in the judge’s view, was why Blagojevich did not shield his children from the consequences of his reckless conduct by not doing it.

Keep that thought in mind the next time some politician says that what they’re doing is “for the children.” The moist eye, the hug, the daily photo op with students… it all adds up to a big red flag in many cases. The pol may be feeling sincere emotion, but might possibly be a bad citizen, too.

And it’s up to us not to shrug it off, but to stand up and tell the truth. That’s the only way anything will change here in Chicago or in Illinois. As Judge Zagel pointed out:  “It reminds voters of the maxim, the American people usually get precisely the government that they deserve.”

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