Rahm continues to lie about charter schools

I’m beginning to think that our Mayor, the child of a family of geniuses, may not be the sharpest knife in the Emanuel’s kitchen drawer.

Case in point. Despite having been schooled by a group of high school students after making wildly inaccurate statements during the mayoral campaign about how great charter schools are vs traditional CPS high schools, and despite having the Sun-Times run a sidebar headlined “Emanuel’s charter stats don’t add up,” the Mayor continues to “misstate” the truth about charters.

Yesterday, City Hall issued an announcement about a new deal between Chicago and the Gates Foundation to provide even more money for charter schools under the guise of “sharing best practices.” The rationale, according to the press release, is that “more than 100 charter schools already provide quality education in Chicago’s underserved communities that otherwise have limited options.’’

Yet, just a few days ago, the state of Illinois reported data showing “wildly mixed results” in Chicago charter school achievement. Even the rabidly pro-charter school Chicago Tribune reported that “New data suggests many charter schools in Chicago are performing no better than traditional neighborhood schools, and some are doing worse.”

There are only 110 charter schools in Chicago (actually, officially only 71). So, given the data from the state, how can there be “more than 100” charter schools providing a quality education in Chicago’s underserved communities???

They mayor is lying.

The Sun-Times reported on this lie, and quoted me calling it a lie, along with this statement: “I believe that ‘sharing’ best practices is just a cover for getting more money for charters.’’

Charter schools wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for the warm and fuzzy sales pitch that they would bring great ideas and innovation to public education in exchange for freedom from district rules. That just hasn’t happened. And it’s not likely to happen under yet another misguided and poorly-thought-out Gates Foundation boondoggle.

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