Charter best practices – this is new?

In yesterday’s coverage of the next Gates-funded must-have program, here’s the example that was given of a “best practice” of a charter school that should be shared with neighborhood schools:

“CPS officials… are taking a look at the Noble Street Charter School‘s leadership development program that identifies, recruits and trains homegrown talent for principal posts within the network.”

Wow. What a ground-breaking idea.

Except that when LSCs do that – when, for example, they select their current assistant principal to step up to the principalship – they have been criticized.

For example, a 2008 report funded by (oh, yes) the Gates Foundation says this about LSC hiring from within:

“Most principals who were eventually hired came from assistant principal ranks within the district (about 60%) and in many cases were groomed by the prior principal of the school. Adding uncertainty to the applicant picture, there was no uniform evaluation process for assistant principals in CPS. District leaders were not convinced that this default approach to principal recruitment produced the strongest pool of candidates.” (p. 32)

Any other best practices we need to know about?

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