PSAT for 1-10-12: Do this, read this, watch this

There’s so much going on in public education right now (thanks to everyone who has been active and activist, fighting the war against our public schools) that I have had a hard time keeping up – so, for Public Schools Action Tuesday today, here’s a quick round up for you, to help you stay in the forefront of the battle!

Do this:

  • Sign petition to save Crane HS.
  • Talk to your alderman about the need for more library time, not less, and more freedom of speech and assembly, not less.
  • Plan to attend the next Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force meeting Thursday, Jan. 12, 5 to 7 pm, Eckhart Park Field House, 1330 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago. Current CPS school closing and turnaround plans will be discussed.
  • Plan to attend the second round of hearings on CPS school closings/turnarounds this Friday, various locations. See next bullet point.

Read this:

  • Report that CPS/City Hall/whoever bused in and paid people to “support” school closings at some of the hearings last Friday. Just in case you aren’t mad enough.
  • Summary of new House draft proposals for testing/accountability and teacher evaluation/school choice.
  • Press release from Parents Across America on proposed parent trigger law in Florida – PAA explains that “trigger” has not worked anywhere, damages school communities.

Watch this:

  • Newest Labor Beat video on the Chicago fight against school closings and turnarounds – hear the truth and see what people are doing to save our schools.

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