Last Stand 4 Children First Illinois page – a hoot!

Just when public education advocates were feeling disappointed in President Obama all over again – with his SOTU call to stop teaching to the test by making tests a major element in teacher evaluation, etc. – something comes along to remind us why people have brains.

Last Stand 4 Children First (LS4C) is a national lampoon of the Stand for Children/Students First mercenaries whose expensive propaganda is being used to justify gutting public education in the US. LS4C recently posted some Illinois pages at Go to the site and enjoy it all – it’s not long but it’s rich! Here’s a taste:


We believe all children deserve to succeed in life. Much of our funding comes from the most elite families in Chicago. Our corporate masters need a reliable source of middle management and we believe only a very regimented education focusing on standardized tests can adequately prepare students for such a future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to insure that top down initiatives from the Mayor’s office have the appearance of parent empowerment and buy in.

“Join the struggle to help turnaround our failing schools and earn cash and other valuable merchandise.”


There’s a lot more about Chicago on the LS4C national blogspot. too – don’t miss it!

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