Now we’ve got Mayor Rahm upset

The secret sauce has made a touchdown, according to Mayor Rahm.

He’s really mad about our protest yesterday against Noble’s discipline policy. I’d guess he’s even madder that the news made every Chicago news outlet plus CNN, MSNBC, and Huffington Post, so far, and it definitely has legs.

He’s mad because we forgot to mention that Noble has better-than-mediocre test scores (though the network is federal academic watch) and a better-than-citywide graduation rate (though it’s hard to compare given that the discipline system in question allows Noble to pressure almost any lagging student to leave).

He may even be mad that we made fun of his comment that Noble has “the secret sauce.”

By the way, Rahm claims that Noble’s near-90% graduation rate is “almost double the system-wide [rate]” which is “a touchdown in the city.”

The truth is (and Rahm has a lot of trouble telling the truth about Noble and charters in general) that the system-wide citywide graduation rate, according to the district state report card, is 73.8%, not the pretend number that Rahm uses to puff Noble up.

And the bottom line is that “results” are only valuable when the means used to get them are sound. Noble’s discipline policy is more reform school than college prep.

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