A battle won in the testing wars

Some good news in the fight against standardized testing from Charlotte, North Carolina! Parents Across America founding member Pam Grundy writes that the city’s children will no longer be the most tested in the nation.

She writes: “This time last year…. students, teachers and parents endured the outbreak of what we soon called ‘testing madness.’ On top of the regular state tests, teachers across Mecklenburg County were required to administer 52 new high-stakes standardized tests, part of superintendent Peter Gorman’s goal of testing every child in every subject every year. The tests were tied to a pay-for-performance scheme that was slated for rapid approval by the state legislature.

We were racing down a fast track to nowhere.

This year, however, the rush has slowed. The pay-for-performance legislation has stalled. Last week, interim superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh announced that CMS was scrapping the 52 extra tests. For the moment, students and teachers can focus more on learning, and breathe a little easier.

How did they do it? They got organized and spoke out. Read more about it here.


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