Climate change deniers want their views in nation’s textbooks

A plot by Chicago-based Heartland Institute to control the way our children are taught about global warming has been exposed. Science? Heartland’s agin’ it.

By the way, Heartland Institute’s Bruno Behrend, who runs their Center for School Choice, occasionally posts nasty blog comments about Parents Across America (e.g. here).

Here’s what happened, according to

On Tuesday, an individual claiming to be a Heartland donor persuaded the group to email him or her the group’s annual budget, its fundraising plan and a 2012 strategy paper, outlining the organization’s intent to insert contrarian views of climate change into the nation’s elementary schools….

After reviewing the new Heartland documents, Gavin Schmidt, a scientist with NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who models and studies climate change, told Salon:

This is exactly the kind of thing we see people doing, and we know they have been actively promoting the fringe voices, trying to influence teaching curricula, trying to lobby legislators, trying to undermine the conclusions of bodies. But it is good to know who is actually funding them.

Some states – Louisiana, Texas and South Dakota – already include “both views” (the factual, scientific one and the flat earthers’ belief) after passing “Environmental Literacy” laws written by the energy industry. Other states are considering them.

According to the purloined e-mails, Heartland planned to pay a coal industry consultant named David Wojick about $25,000 per quarter, to create a curriculum to counter global warming education in schools.

Not too surprisingly, Heartland is funded by the Koch Brothers and Microsoft.

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