PSAT for 2-28-12: Go to Springfield!

An early and urgent PSAT for tomorrow- if you can’t get on the bus for Springfield (see below), at least call your state senator  and ask him/her to sign on to SB3239, the school closing moratorium bill. Note below from Jackie Leavy and the CTU:


Dear Supporters of Great Public Schools for All Students:  Please note – the Chicago Teachers Union is trying to spread the word about availability of seats on a Bus to Springfield for the Tues Feb 28, 2:30 PM State Senate Ed Committee Hearing tomorrow”

“CTU is organizing a bus to go to Springfield this Tuesday, Feb. 28.  The Senate Education Committee is expected to hear the Moratorium bill on school closings, turnarounds, and phase-outs.  Below please find explanatory information on the bill and the Senate Ed Cte.  There is no cost.

We will provide coffee and donuts, and lunch.  Participants should bring some money for incidentals and dinner. We have space on this bus; your participation is Important and Essential!  Please RSVP to if you can participate in this critical hearing.

Phone #: (312) 329-6226

The bus will depart:

Tues. 2/28/12 at 8:00 a.m. from 1100 S. Hamilton (1 bl. north of Roosevelt, 2 bl. east of Western).  Low-cost parking is available in the Juvenile Detention parking garage.

Tentative schedule:
* arrive Springfield at 12 noon (travel time is approx 3 1/2 hours)
* quick lunch
* lobby legislators from 12:30-2:30
* attend hearing from 2:30 until end of hearing
* leave Springfield at end of hearing
* return to Chicago sometime between 8 and 10pm”

See the attached hand-out from CTU.


Here is the official notice:
97th General Assembly
Hearing Notice For Education

Members    Notice of Hearing    Bills

Hearing Scheduled for Feb 28, 2012

Chairperson     James Meeks
Vice-Chairperson     Kimberly Lightford
Minority Spokesperson     David Luechtefeld
Scheduled Date:    Feb 28, 2012 2:30PM
Location:    409 Capitol
Springfield, IL

Chairperson :    James T. Meeks    D    708) 862-1515    (217) 782-8066
Vice-Chairperson :    Kimberly A. Lightford    D    708) 343-7444    (217) 782-8505
Member:    Annazette R. Collins    D    (312) 733-5009    (217) 782-6252
Member:    Susan Garrett    D    (847) 433-2002    (217) 782-3650
Member:    Iris Y. Martinez    D    (773) 463-0720    (217) 782-8191
Member:    John G. Mulroe    D    (773) 763-3810    (217) 782-1035
Minority Spokesperson :    David S. Luechtefeld    R    (618) 243-9014    (217) 782-8137
Member:    Christine J. Johnson    R    815) 895-6318    (217) 782-1977
Member:    Kyle McCarter    R    (618) 654-4068    (217) 782-5755
Member:    Suzi Schmidt    R    (224) 372-7465    (217) 782-7353

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