Upfront with Jesse Jackson

Back row: Mike Klonsky, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. Front row: James Thindwa, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Julie Woestehoff

Taped a show this morning with  the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. on poverty and education. It’ll air in two weeks, on Saturday, March 24 at 10 pm Chicago time on the WORD Network on cable.

Education advocates Mike Klonsky and  James Thindwa were also on the panel, and the discussion moved from Cong. Jackson’s determination that the Constitution must be amended to include a right to an equal education for all, to Rev. Jackson’s concern that parents need to do more and demand more, to corporate reform’s attack on teachers unions and the very basics of public education.

We talked about the Noble Charter school discipline policy scandal, the need for an elected school board in Chicago, and yesterday’s exciting win in Florida, where Parents Across America’s indefatigable Rita Solnet led the opposition to a parent trigger law which finally lost in the Florida Senate on a 20-20 tie vote despite (or perhaps because of?) our mayor, RahmEmanuel’s vocal support!

Program your DVR!

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