Trying again today to vote CPS school closing moratorium out of committee

UPDATE: The Senate Education Committee hearing on SB 3239 was postponed yesterday, most likely because the sponsors and CPS are sill negotiating amendments.

The hearing was rescheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at 9 am in Springfield.


Jim Broad way gives us a heads-up on today’s 4 pm Senate Education Committee meeting. Please make another call to the committee members this morning in support of SB 3239, the school closing moratorium bill. This bill would prevent CPS from closing any schools until the end of the 2013-14 school year at the earliest. It also requires that CPS “develop policies to remedy academic deficiencies in schools where students are testing ‘at or below 75%’ standards on state assessments, and to include in those policies clear criteria for board actions relating to school facility interventions such as closures.” A novel concept…

In your call/fax/e-mail, please also ask the committee members to support Senator Lightford’s lower class size bill, SB 3362. Lowering class size is one of only four strategies proven by the federal education department’s research arm to improve student achievement, a list that does NOT include school closings, wholesale staff firings, turnarounds, or conversion to charter schools.


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