Can we have him?

If we had an elected school board in Chicago, I’m pretty sure they would choose someone like this guy,

Montgomery schools superintendent Joshua Starr congratulated the school board Tuesday on standing firm against some of the turbulent reform efforts being embraced around the country.

He called their political posture, including the past decision not to support the state’s application for a federal Race to the Top Grant, “one of the reasons I was so thrilled to come here.”

The report on Mr. Starr’s comments came in Wednesday’s Washington Post Answer Sheet blog:

Starr critiqued the growth models and rubrics being developed as contradicting research on what motivates teachers. He said Montgomery’s current system, which mentors struggling teachers for a year before decisions about termination are made, is a “hill to die on.”

Until we have that elected school board and can get rid of Broadie toady J.C. Brizard, I will consider Mr. Starr (oh! he’s probably even Dr. Starr! what a concept!) as MY superintendent.

“As No Child Left Behind is dying its slow death, it’s an incredible opportunity to fill that void with what we believe we should do for kids,” he said.



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