It’s almost too juicy

Pineapplegate. Just the kind of incredibly stupid, embarrassing testing scandal that President Obama and other candidates need to take seriously as they head into the summer campaign season.

Don’t be on the wrong side of the pineapple, folks.

I’ll have to admit that it was a lot of fun watching this story roll out with my friend and PAA co-founder Leonie Haimson when we were in Washington DC for the US Department of Education parent meeting late last week.

Leonie first broke the story on her NYC Parents blog. Her son is in eighth grade and had just taken the New York State Regents exam in English/Language Arts. He told her about the ridiculous story on the test about a race between the pineapple and the hare, and the dumb questions he had had to answer about it. You can read the story and questions on her blog.

Leonie did some quick research and discovered that there were blog posts and even web sites complaining about the pineapple story, which had been used on a number of state tests including the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT).

It was great fun watching the story go viral. Read about the media firestorm over the test here. Leonie adds,

Clearly, a revolution is brewing, but whether the corporate reformers will have the sense to realize and step back before it is too late is still uncertain.  Perhaps only the Pineapple knows for sure, and he’s not talking. As one teacher tweeted over the weekend, Pearson has moved it to an undisclosed location.

And here’s how you can sign up for the revolution .

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