The week in testing: May 7-9

FairTest’s media guru Bob Schaeffer is now providing a weekly update on testing which pulls the week’s key testing stories together in one place, and making it easy for me to pass them along to you. No pineapples this week, but lots of other craziness:

Lots of interesting stories as the annual K-12 “testing season” reaches its peak.  If you have additional articles to contribute, send links directly to me (Bob Schaeffer <>):

A Glimpse of Technology Enhanced Tests (be sure to read the comments)

Kentucky is First State to Implement Common Core Tests

Physical Fitness Impacts Test Scores

No College Left Behind — The “Holy Grail” Test Does Not Exist

More Mistakes on State Tests — Lots of Errors in Translating Math Exam

Accountability for Test Errors — Great Letters-to-the-Editor

Tracing Test-Cheating Scandals to Their Roots

Chancellor Condemns Exam Errors — Will Still Use Flawed Scores for “Accountability” (Except for Testing Companies)


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