“Tell us a secret” – another creepy test question

The skeletons are flying out of the test publishers’ closets, and parents are getting angrier and angrier.

This week it was an essay question on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, which asked students to write about a secret that was hard to keep.

According to the AP story, the dad who learned about this question from his twin 9-year-old sons said, “All of the sudden, you have in a sense Big Brother checking out the secrets of families.”

All of these crazy questions are making people like John Albin of New York City call for complete transparency in state standardized testing. John’s position carries special weight. He is the parent of a first grade student who has experienced test prep beginning in kindergarten. He currently works in procurement administration for a public college in New York, after having previously specialized in performance metrics for the New York City Department of Transportation (corrected as of 5-13-12).

The Pineapple Revolution is growing. Stay tuned!

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