Turn, turn, turn

The charter schools “flavor of the month” is beginning to turn sour.

The Tribune reports today that the Chicago International Charter School network is “turning around” four of its schools.    CICS plans to fire many of the current staff.

Let’s see – that’s one of Arne Duncan’s four school intervention models (turning the school into a charter) down the tubes and, if this strategy doesn’t work, only one to go (school closure). The fourth, keeping the staff and working together to fix the school, doesn’t seem to be an option here, even though research suggests that it would work better.

My comment in the story:

Julie Woestehoff, executive director of Parents United for Responsible Education, says the 15-campus Chicago International Charter School is simply following the failed script used for noncharter schools in Chicago.

“Charter schools are supposed to be where innovation happens,” Woestehoff said. “But here they are doing the same failed turnaround process that has not worked in regular public schools.”

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