A “CPS Mommy” and the bias of the liberal media

It really hit home today as I read the ugly Huffington Post blog by Jacqueline Edelberg, in which the self-described “CPS Mommy” who “love, love, l-o-v-e”s teachers describes Chicago’s as “the red-shirted mob now marching with pitchforks against the House of Brizard.”

After considerable protest from commenters on the post, HuffPo actually deleted the words “midgets” and “freak show” from Edelberg’s description of the controversy over the teachers union strike authorization vote as offensive (ya think?). Here’s Edelberg’s original wording:

“In the Springeresque circus that’s come to town, we’ve seen Lewis flanked by rabid parent Matt Farmer and perennial parade-marshal Rev. Jesse Jackson (extra ironic since disadvantaged minority children will be the ones most impacted by a strike). And whoa! Hollywood? Even Matt Damon has piled-on. By the time the bouncers, midgets, and 405,000 bored kids rush the stage, Wisconsin’s pizza and beer slug-fest will look tame. This is exactly the kind of polarizing freak show that SB7 sought to avoid.”

But HuffPo editors APPROVED IT as it was originally written. Midgets, freak show and all.

Why does this bother me? Besides the obvious? Because I am still waiting for HuffPo editors to approve my recent post sharing Parents Across America’s parent report card on Michelle Rhee, which I posted last Wednesday to my HuffPo Backstage submission page.

It usually takes about 24 hours for a post to go live. It’s been 5 days. And I’ve been here before – I know they won’t post it. It’s why I have more or less stopped posting there anyway.

But it shows that HuffPo is more interested in protecting corporate darlings like Michelle Rhee than in using taste or judgment about offensive references to little people or attacks on other CPS parents like Matt Farmer who emotionally, devastatingly, and FACTUALLY argued at a CTU rally that Penny Pritzker does not expose her children to the same policies and programs she approves for CPS children as a member of the Chicago Board.

When it comes to education reform, there is no liberal or conservative anyway, there’s only “pro-corporate,” “pro-public,” and, I guess, “home school.” So, next time you see Arianna representing the “liberal” point of view on a talk show, remember where her biases really lie.

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