Great parent teacher discussion in Hyde Park

That's me in the middle

Last night’s forum at the United Church of Hyde Park seemed to help everyone feel better about whatever comes out of the ongoing teacher contract negotiations.

I shared the front table with several teachers from HP and other areas, and was impressed along with the rest of the listeners about the passion the teachers expressed as well as the amount of excellent information that was shared about such topics as the value of small class size, overuse of testing, and the national context of the corporate school reform movement.

Here’s the joke that went along with that:

A hedge funder, a Tea Party member and a teacher went into a pizzeria. They ordered a pizza. The hedge funder took all but one piece, then warned the Tea Party member, “Look out – the teacher wants your piece!”

The not-so-funny joke was the comment from another teacher that the problem with “education reform” is that that there are no educators involved.

The general consensus in the room was that parents are prepared to stand with teachers no matter what ends up happening. Parents understand that teachers are fighting for our children’s education as they fight for a fair union contract.


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