Brizard report card not so hot

I don’t know what was a bigger surprise – that a Chicago Board actually evaluated a CEO or that the Tribune reported on it.

To the best of my knowledge, no one ever evaluated Paul Vallas, Arne Duncan or any of the rest of them. In fact, most did not even have a contract, certainly not one like Brizard’s with an end date.

And yet there was the report, and it wasn’t too good:

  • The board gave Brizard low marks for the way he communicates and runs the district.
  • In the performance review, the school board rated Brizard as “inconsistently meets” expectations for management of human resources and talent and communications and collaboration.
  • “His staff are not sure what they are doing nor who’s responsible to whom in most cases,” the assessment reads.
  • The board also noted that Brizard could more clearly articulate the district’s strategy with “an operational plan.” Central office employees, for example, often complain they don’t know who runs the district.

What do they like about him? He’s a real nice guy. “He exceeded expectations in the “personal characteristics’ category.”

Since Brizard left his last job in Rochester with a fake resume of accomplishment and a vote of no confidence from the teachers union, his career trajectory hasn’t exactly soared. Wonder if the Broad folks are still proud of their alum?


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