PSAT for 9-25-12: Protest Walmart!

I already forgot my new strategy to call for some boycott or action against a corporate reformer on the first Tuesday of every month, but it’s my blog and I figure I can go after WalMart any time I want.

I have close relatives who work at WalMart and they have been able to build a pretty nice life. I have even been known to go to WalMart once in a blue moon and (also rarely) to order from Walmert online because they usually have the cheapest item of a set of choices. But I’m going to stop doing that for good.

After seeing the “Teachers Rock” infomercial for Teach for America and the “Won’t Back Down” movie, heavily promoted by WalMart, I really have had it with them.

You don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to. Here’s something real and simple that you can do to tell WalMart that we don’t accept their vision for our country, our schools, or our children and families.

I received this message from Paco Fabian of Warehouse Workers for Justice:

This past week, Walmart warehouse workers went on strike in Elwood, IL, to protest wage theft, discrimination, and retaliation against those that spoke out demanding more respect.

Walmart warehouse workers endure extreme temperatures, inhale dust and chemical residue, and lift thousands of boxes weighing up to 250 lbs. with no support. They never know how long the work day will be—sometimes two hours, sometimes 16 hours. Injuries are common, as is discrimination against women, and illegal retaliation against workers who speak up for better treatment.

That’s why I started a petition to Walmart, demanding changes in their warehouses.

Click here to sign the petition supporting Walmart’s Illinois warehouse workers.


–Paco Fabian

This petition is looking for 10,000 signers and already has over 8,000. For Public Schools Action Tuesday, let’s help them out in honor of our public schools!

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