Movie critic continues to skewer Won’t Back Down

Am thinking of giving up reading “news” reporting in favor of  an all-movie critic news diet.

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips, who gave the WBD movie a D+ in a scathing 1/2 star review, references that movie in yesterday’s review of the Kevin James comedy, “Here Comes the Boom”:


Wait a sec. How did the Kevin James mixed martial arts movie end up a more convincing portrait of the plight of the American public school teacher than “Won’t Back Down,” a film that’s actually about that subject?….Not that kids will notice, but in “Here Comes the Boom” the teachers talk about their frustrations with the job, with the resources and with their own eroded idealism. They do so, and somehow they aren’t turned into cliched saints or sinners. They’re somewhere in between. So is the movie, in various qualitative ways. But it’s a surprisingly engaging in-between.

And they may not have to give away free tickets to get people to see it….


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