Great news! State says deceased students can opt out of testing!

I have been doing some research on testing in Illinois and Chicago in preparation for the strategy session and forum on Friday, and came across this chart from the Illinois State Board of Education which lists “reasons for not testing.”

And you’ll be glad to know that among the reasons is the following:

Deceased: Student was deceased prior to the start of the time of testing or died during the time of testing and had not started testing.

Wonder what the policy is if the student died while taking a test?

Anyway, other reasons for not testing include:

In Jail/Locked Facility: Student was in jail or in a locked facility during the time of testing (their explanation, not mine).

Medically exempt: Student (a) was hospitalized because of medical emergencies or procedures (e.g. because of a motor vehicle or other type of accident, surgery, psychiatric emergency) during the time of testing or (b) was participating in residential programs that provide psychological treatment or treatment for drug or alcohol abuse during the time of testing.

They don’t specify if the treatment was needed due to excessive testing.

But the exemption that really caught my eye as I look into helping parents opt out of testing is this:

Refusal: Student present but refused to participate in testing.

Works for me, and no one has to die.


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