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Back in September I wrote about Ankur Singh, a student from downstate Illinois who reached out to me and others about a film he wants to make about how students feel about testing. Since then he has created a web site for the film and written a great post about why he feels so strongly about testing and what it is doing to education. Here’s part of his story:

I enrolled in AP English due to my great experience with English the previous year hoping it would be more rigorous and I would grow even more as a writer and as a person. I was wrong. The entire purpose of AP English was not to improve our critical thinking or our writing, but to prepare for the AP Exam in May and to get ready for college. We read great pieces of literature that I highly enjoyed and wanted to learn more about. But, instead of analyzing themes or characters our teacher would give us questions which we would have to write essays about in a 50 minute class period similar to what we would find on the AP Exam and in college classes. It frustrated me to no avail and I ended up doing very poor in AP English. And I found the exact same thing in all of my other AP classes, which seemed more focused on college preparation and standardized tests rather than genuine learning.

Ankur is still looking for students to interview for the film, so please share any contacts you have with him via the web site. His article was also posted on United Opt Out National.

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