Join CTU Veterans Day Rally at 11 am to protect public education

It’s a day to honor our veterans, who fought for all of our rights, including our right to a free, appropriate education.

That right is increasingly under attack. Ultra-conservative Grover Nordquist just said that he’s not worried about the national election because his party added new governors: “Our strength is state by state,” Norquist said, adding that it is there that Republicans would enact the policies — ending teacher tenure, reining in public employee pensions, promoting school choice — that would invigorate the national party from the bottom up.”

That’s it, folks – now that the “traditional white male” nation is officially a thing of the past, the new Republican game plan is to destroy this more colorful US at the roots by killing off public education.

Join the Chicago Teachers Union at a rally to protect our schools from private takeover and destructive closure.

11 am to noon  today (Monday 11-12-12)

Cityfront Plaza

Illinois & St. Clair

Details here.


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