CPS chief didn’t “hear” at all

SaveOurSchoolsChicagoI just sent this fax to the Illinois House and Senate education committee members. You should contact them, too. Oh, first read this powerful article by Curtis Black for Newstips.

RE: Support SB 1571 and HB 3283, school closing moratorium


CPS chief didn't listen at all

CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has wasted the extra three months the Illinois legislature gave her to “listen to the public” about school closings. It's clear that she didn't "hear" anything.

In a recorded interview with reporters, posted by public radio station WBEZ* and reported yesterday in the Chicago Tribune**, CEO Byrd-Bennett stated about the three months of hearings that:

"Everybody got it, that we really needed to close schools, that we really needed to consolidate.”

 Many of you legislators were at these hearing, as were numerous reporters. CEO Byrd-Bennett did not attend any of the hearings. No one who actually was there would agree with her statement. This just proves what the community has been saying all along:

  • Massive CPS school closings were a done deal from the start.
  • CEO Byrd-Bennett’s “hearings” were a sham.
  • CPS cannot be trusted with the power to disrupt communities with arbitrary, massive-scale school closings.


PURE ASKS YOU TO join in the PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR  SB 1571 and HB 3283


  • Help us promote programs for struggling schools that are research-based and supported by parents, teachers, and other members of the school community, who must bemeaningfully involved in each step of the evaluation, planning, implementation, monitoring, and re-evaluation of these programs.
  • Support the development and expansion of programs that encourage and enable successful schools to collaborate and share what they have learned with comparable schools that are struggling.

* https://soundcloud.com/wbez/bbb-takeaway-from-community

** “School closings to test CPS chief” http://tinyurl.com/cex7kvj


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