Who’s scarier???

Ghost - Boo 3In addition to raising the specters of vouchers, parent triggers, and unchecked charter school expansion in its editorial pages, the Tribune warns that opposition to the school closings will only frighten children.

In the lead article, the TribĀ highlighted this quote from Chicago Community Trust CEO Terry Mazany: “As difficult and disruptive as these large-scale school closings will be, I am equally concerned with the negative repercussions this uncompromising opposition will have on children and families.”

And, in case we didn’t get it, Sunday’s editorial drove the point home:

“Chicago Teachers Union officials threaten massive demonstrations and ‘civil disobedience’ to thwart those closings. That confrontational approach would make this process even more agonizing than it already is. It would frighten children and disrupt thousands of educators and students at those welcoming schools. Teachers have a better choice: Work with CPS to smooth the transition of 30,000 students to better performing schools.”

Yes, in Tribune world, the children’s own parents and their teachers standing up for their educational rights are scarier than wealthy corporate privatizers determined to close their neighborhood schools and replace them with charter schools which are more likely to be mediocre and to push out students that don’t fit their desired profile.

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