Hand in glove… Rahm’s Freudian slip?

RahmmissingfingerpointRahm Emanuel is “100% hand in glove” with Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett who “spoke eloquently” in rejecting the notion that it’s racist to close 54 mostly black elementary schools. (Chicago Sun-Times, 4-5-13)

Here’s how the Free Dictionary explains the idiom Rahm chose: “If one person or organization is working hand in glove with another, they are working together, often to do something dishonest.”

You know, like dismantling public education using the excuse that these schools didn’t get what they needed before so they must now be closed, children dispersed and teachers fired. Coupling that with a promise that this time the surviving schools will get all the resources they need.

You know, dishonest –  like the indignant claim that there’s nothing racist about any of this.

Here’s another useful idiom for this situation: “One hand washes the other.”

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