CPS budget hearings this Thursday and Friday

speakoutFor years, a very small handful of us stalwarts went to these hearings to voice complaints about CPS’s misplaced budget priorities. I imagine there will be more people at these upcoming sessions. In the past, there was little or no media coverage but again that will probably not be the case this time. It’s still a good idea to target one of the Thursday hearings where there is more chance there will be media.

In all cases, registration to speak starts at 5 pm and the hearing runs from 6-8 pm.

  • Thursday, August 1: Truman College, Novar Hall/Room 3426, 1145 West Wilson
  • Thursday, August 1: Kennedy King College Theater, 740 West 63rd Street
  • Friday, August 2: Malcolm X College, Bruce K. Hayden, 1900 West Van Buren


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