PSAT for 8-6-13: Put on your birthday clothes! It’s ALEC’s 40th!



Have you bought your gift yet? It’s ALEC’s 40th birthday, and they are coming to Chicago to celebrate.

Hmmm. But maybe since they’ve tried to take so much from us already (our schools, our legislators, our democracy) we could just offer them our presence instead of presents.

CTU and others invite you to ALEC’s 40th Birthday Celebration


  • The Palmer House Hotel, 17 E Monroe Street
  • Chicago
  • Noon
  • Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reclaim Reform adds:

It’s about time that we stopped being willing victims. Show up to their party and let them know – THE PARTY IS OVER.

What, besides writing legislation, do they do to Americans? Propaganda such as the “America is broke” and cannot afford public school education for all. Fill in what you know is pure broke-broke propaganda, and you will probably be pointing at ALEC talk-talk.

Here are some facts to counter their propaganda messages.

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