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Trib corrects self

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


Now if they would just correct their uneducated opinions about testing, ALEC, NCLB, school closings, and charter schools, we would be making real journalistic progress.

Tribune keeps repeating lie about charters’ “100%” grad rate

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Tribune 100% graduation rate correction from 2008

I sent the Tribune “Corrections and Clarifications” department a note today about the error in Sunday’s report about Hales Franciscan going coed, which included this passage about Chicago’s single-sex charter schools:

“Urban Prep Academies’ three campuses in Englewood, Near West Side and Bronzeville and Young Women’s Leadership Charter School in Bronzeville reported 100 percent graduation and 100 percent college acceptance in recent years.”

I wrote:

While these schools claim 100% college acceptance (which could mean nothing more than an aggressive counseling program coupled with requirements that students apply to many levels of college), neither of these schools claims to have a 100% graduation rate, which would be a much more impressive achievement.

The Tribune and other media have reported on the significant enrollment attrition between freshman and senior year for both of these schools.

For example:

See also

The Tribune had to correct a similar story in 2008 (see photo) but apparently hasn’t passed the word on.

We’ll see if they actually print the retraction.

Yes, Rahm, people want change. We’re sick of dishonest politicians.

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Sun-Times runs correction of "Rahm's charter stats"

Rahm just doesn’t get it.

Back in February, a group of CPS high schoolers busted Rahm’s chops in a YouTube video for making false statements about charter schools on the campaign trail.

Rahm had claimed that, outside of two selective enrollment CPS high schools, the seven top performing high schools were charters. The students didn’t think that sounded right, did some research, and found out that, in fact, NONE of the top seven were charter schools, and they explained that in their video.

That didn’t stop Rahm, though. He used the same false statement last month at a student forum. The Sun-Times actually ran an inset to the story, correcting Rahm’s assertion, a public “tsk-ing” almost unheard of in Chicago’s mainstream media.

Then Monday, he did it again. This time, he called for more schools like the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School. Here’s what WBEZ’s Linda Lutton had to say about that:

“Emanuel called the school’s results ‘quite impressive,’ though state records show only 15-percent of high schoolers there met state standards. The mayor-elect…cited a ‘hundred percent graduation rate’ at the charter school. But that number does not take into account students who dropped out before their senior year.

So, it seems that Rahm is going to base his education plan on fakery and overblown rhetoric, sounding way too much like the “change” President Obama offered us– and we believed in — until he appointed Arne Duncan as Education Secretary. That’s NOT the change people want.

I have to agree with Christina Henriquez, one of the students on the YouTube video, who said that statements like Rahm’s show “that the people that people think know everything aren’t really looking into the problems they say they want to fix.”

Christina and her friends deserve much, much better than this.

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