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Education top tweet topic during SOTU

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

It’s no secret that the education advocacy community is not happy with the direction of President Obama’s education policies, though he seems oblivious himself to the depth and strength of anger he and his corporate reform front man, Arne Duncan, have inspired (for more on the President’s seeming lack of awareness, read this great post by Diane Ravitch.)

I tweeted during the State of the Union address, and saw that many of my PAA and other school reform friends were busy, too. Turns out we were an army that night. Despite the briefness of President Obama’s remarks on education, there were more education-related tweets than tweets on any other topic.

Here’s a report from Broadband:

While President Obama was giving his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, Americans were weighing in online. According to micro-blogging site Twitter, 766,681 Tweets referenced the State of the Union (#SOTU) between 9:05pm and 10:40pm Eastern Time. Additionally, 548 Tweets were posted by Members of Congress from both parties and both chambers.

Coinciding with the President’s message, the issues receiving the most Tweets Tuesday evening were education (35,972 tweets), energy (27,215) and jobs (22,502). Tweets related to innovation peaked half way through the State of the Union when the President mentioned Steve Jobs, receiving approximately 13,956 Tweets per minute from listeners. This volume was topped only by the President’s joke referencing EPA regulations and “spilled milk”, which received 14,131 Tweets per minute.

More State of The Union Twitter coverage can be viewed here.

Maybe it’s time for the President to start paying more attention?

The sun shone and the stars came out for the SOS march

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

SOS March in DC July 30, 2011

After two days of movement-building speeches, workshops, and networking, the SOS march ended with a sun- and passion-drenched rally and march in the middle of Washington DC.

It felt like a huge family reunion. Our brand new Parents Across America group was well-represented. It was so much fun to meet up with Chicago Teachers Union members and to see our PAA members meeting up with their friends from home.

You know who

We even had star power – Pedro Noguera, Deb Meier, Angela Valenzuela, Diane Ravitch and, yes, Matt Damon, whose mother, Nancy Carlson Page, a professor of early childhood education, introduced him.

Matt actually gave a fantastic, personal and heartfelt speech. He asserted that creativity, imagination, love of drama  and theater – the things that made him who he is – cannot be tested. He said that he came close to standardized tests once, until his mother went to the principal and told him that Matt would not be taking the test, which she described as stupid, a waste of time, and not useful.

Here’s a short clip of his wind-up.

There will be more stories and photos in the coming days, but for now we are heading home happy.

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