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LSCs- key legacy of Harold Washington

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I have been reading newspaper accounts of  the late Chicago mayor Harold Washington’s legacy marking 25 years since Mayor Washington died.

Very little has been said about what may arguably be the most lasting of Mayor Washington’s contributions to Chicago – our local school councils.

Although the Mayor died before the Chicago School Reform law was passed, his support for strong community voice in public schools was a key catalyst for the movement.

You can read all about how LSCs were created, including Mayor Washington’s involvement, in this excellent 1991 history, “School Reform Chicago Style,” by Mary O’Connell for the Center for Neighborhood Technology, which the late Don Moore captured electronically and posted on the Designs for Change web site.

O’Connell’s history includes many references to PURE’s founders, Joy and Bernie Noven, along with fascinating behind-the-scenes details about how the law was written and passed.

But without the support and vision of Harold Washington, LSCs may never have happened.

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