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Nothing ever changes in CPS-LSC/parent/community relations

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Chicago Tribune, March 16, 2012

Back when it was real, it was called the “Office for Reform” and it was held accountable by a group of Board of Education members who met every month as the Reform Implementation Committee. They not only took public comment but also engaged in constructive discussion with stakeholders.

Then the mayor got control of the schools and appointed Paul Vallas, who tinkered with the department, which was eventually called LSC Relations or School-Community Relation. The mayoral-appointed Board refused to create committees or meet more than once a month, which is all the time you really need to apply a rubber stamp. Accountability and real connection to the community went out the window.

The department was recently renamed FACE – Family and Community Engagement. Insert joke here. The head of the new department, Jamiko Rose, a former community organizer, just quit. But no matter what they call the department or who they appoint to lead it, the real joke that is Chicago Public Schools’ “relations” with local school councils, parents and the community will continue unchanged as long as the district’s marching orders come from City Hall.


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